Gregory Polony

Opening, Friday 01 April 2016, 18–20 h

Gregory Polony
Face/Off 2016
erased movie posters, dimension variable
A gobo is drawing the scene
Through you I see you and look at you
The scope is reduced, clearing the contours
From feet to face uncovered, discovered
Instantly the space is folded
and the distance between my eye and you abolished

The left eye starts to tremble
while no more voice makes it to the outside/surface
Your emotions are retained between swolen ducts
Paralysis is occuring
The ground is giving away beneath your feet
or is it rather you starting floating?

Instinctly you are looking to withdraw
to vanish from the spotlight
I know that sensation, I do
but this time it is your turn and we won‘t miss a bit
Remember that only the braves die slowly

Sealed skin makes sweaty hands
so open up
A powerful current is flowing since the very beginning deep down beneath your tissues
This internal flux resonates strongly
You just can‘t hear it anymore
It has been replaced long ago by routine procedures and surrounding personalities

You feel the urge to add filters
and reconnect with this primal bond
because roaring strongly, this stream can deal damages if blocked
Pressure points, cracks, it makes its way eating into the flesh
triggering mutations
eventually bringing the body to its knees

Before diving pay attention to breath three times deeply
through the belly while relaxing your shoulders
Inhale … exhale …
inhale … exhale …
inhale … exhale …
You notice on the way that your toes have multiplied

You dive
The descent is quick
Densities vary because of halocline
You find it hard to stabilize yourself
Beyond layers of micro organisms feeding on light
you find yourself in absolute calm and darkness

cell by cell, limb by limb
you start thinking about all your body parts
a flux starts to converge from the extremities towards the center in a circular movement
In the heart of this limpid vortex
you hear a single drop of water (falling)

The crystal-clear sound spreads giving way to a(nother) roaring noise
the current‘s
You feel your feet solidly anchored in the ground
The body unfolds
Straight posture, fluid limbs, you look through the people

Neither too high, nor too low
Here you stand with a drink in your hand
It‘s the opening after all

Herrmann Germann Contemporary is pleased to announce NAVEL, Gregory Polony’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. After his recent post-academic residency at the Van Eyck Academie and the founding of the exhibition project Theresa in Maastricht (NL) as well, Polony developed a new work cycle especially for the exhibition at the gallery.

Gregory Polony (CH), born in Payerne CH in 1984,
studied Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts.
2014/15 he has spent an artist-in-residence at the
Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht NL.
He lives and works in Zurich CH.
Selected exhibitions and projects:
2015/16 Theresa,; 2014 Plongeur, Plagiaire, Art Rotterdam NL; 2013 Déjà-vu, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zurich CH; Perla Mode, Zurich CH; Werkbeiträge Bildende Kunst Kanton Zürich CH; Helmhaus, Zurich CH; Siegfried Contemporary, London UK; 2012 ZKB Kunstpreis, Zurich CH; 3D Soirée, a project of Erik Steinbrecher, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zurich CH; 2011 Kunsthof Zurich CH; Debut, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zurich CH; Le Foyer – Gespräche/Conversations, curated by Gioia Dal Molin & Gabrielle Schaad, Perla Mode, Zurich CH; Swiss Art Award, Basel CH; Plattform11, EWZ, Zurich CH;